I joined Grindr and only used trainer quotes from Pokémon Red

21 thoughts on “I joined Grindr and only used trainer quotes from Pokémon Red”

  1. Very funny! Although what the hell is an ‘eggplant emoji’? Is it that thing which looks like an aubergine?

  2. Not sure I understand the point in this. To harass the men who are simply, openly, looking for a good time?

    Why would any gay man make life any harder than it already is for our fellow brothers?

  3. i dont like what you did at all, you are just wasting their time and making fun of guys on grindr, who are just looking for fun. someone like you gives wrong impression about gay guys to straight people. i found this very insulting. and you are in an exclusive relationship? yeah yeah, you are such a jerk.

    1. Sorry you took offense, Mike. As I say in the post, it was just a bit of fun and not intended to shame anybody but I understand what you mean.

    2. Um surely the ones who are actually using grindr to find random hook ups are the ones giving the ‘wrong impression’ about gay guys?! Not that there’s anything wrong with using grindr, but if straight people have mistaken ideas about gay men, it’s usually that they’re all promiscuous (and again, not necessarily anything wrong with that). Can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone say ‘pah, those gays, all they do is joke around on the internet with Pokemon trainer quotes…’

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