Eight Briefs plays published in new playtext

‘ICYMI’, West Avenue has published eight short plays from across its 12 Briefs nights in a new playtext.

Briefs: Volume One contains a varied handful of the many contemporary pieces that have been showcased at the Rosemary Branch and Waterloo East Theatres over the last (nearly) three years, including my own Circulation.

Plays by Beth Crane  (A Short Play About Wanking), Roberta Morris (Freddy On Stage), Felix O’Brien (Crit), Natalie Lester (Spanx), Sarah Milton (Burro), Ryan J Brown (Cat Got Your Tongue) and James Robert-Moore (Sex And Pyjamas) also feature, and who knows – if it sells OK then a Volume Two may follow in the foreseeable future.

It’s £6.99 and only available through Amazon.

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