5, 6, 7, 8! Yep, we really just did a Steps musical

A funny thing happened last week – my theatre company launched a DIY Steps musical.


It is my view that Stepsbangers are among the finest in pop music history (I went into much more detail about this in an angsty blog earlier this year) and getting to piece together a 70-minute comedy that threaded in their greatest hits was SUCH a great experience.

The audiences were some of the best I’ve ever had for any show I’ve put on, the cast were a dream and I really hope we get to do it again some day. I wanted a laugh-out-loud show with big songs and a big heart, and I think between us we made it.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to watch, the cast and crew, the Upstairs At The Gatehouse team and the Camden Fringe. The week was such a fun ride, very good for the soul and I will miss it a lot.

See some tweets here:

Read one of our great reviews here.

And see the trailer below.

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