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On new play ‘Christmas Farce’, or ‘That Time I Attempted Outright Comedy And Hopefully Didn’t Fail’

I have a new play on in a couple of weeks, because two in a year plus four shorts apparently isn’t quite enough. It was amazing to put work-in-progress angstdramz Caravan in front of an audience for a week in January and one of the best experiences of general life

I joined Grindr and only used trainer quotes from Pokémon Red

When Pokémon first got big at the turn of the century, I was one of the bajillions of people around the world who got completely hooked, and I’m not ashamed to admit I dust it off every couple of years and go through it all over again. But I was

It’s been a literal decade since one of the best experiences of my life kicked off

Turns out a youth drama club myself and some friends set up while doing our A-Levels and ran for five years held its first session ten years ago today, and frankly I’m OFFENDED by TIME. I’ve just dug up some video footage taken at one of our early shows and

New representation at Curtis Brown

I am superly-duperly excited to have joined the family at Curtis Brown as a playwright, sitting on the same roster as some of my favourite writers. I’m working with Jessica Cooper and Kat Buckle, and you can grab their contact details on my CV/bio page here.

BBC London interview and Positive playtext

What a weekend: Positive is now finished at the Park Theatre, and the post-show blues are back in full force. I’m so happy with how the last month went; it was a really amazing experience and getting to work with a great group of friends was just brilliant. ICYMI, myself

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