New short play Afterwards performed at latest Briefs

My latest short play Afterwards was performed on Wednesday, January 15, at the Rosemary Branch in London’s N1. Francesca Meaby, Paul Heelis and Thomas Wingfield played a woman and her two late husbands, reunited in the afterlife after her death. Anoushka Bonwick directed. I was fascinated by the idea of

Positive raises charity wonga at sell-out London show

My play ‘Positive’ was trialled as a full two-act piece at the weekend, following its successful two-week stint up in Edinburgh as a 60-minute show over the summer. For World AIDS Day we swung by the brilliant Waterloo East Theatre, and successfully managed to sell the place out. “Sell-out show”

My Top 10 badass moments, all of which are definitely very badass

I know what your perception of me is. You think I’m a streetwise, laid-back, magnificently on-trend hipster who can get away with using words like “magnificently” just because I said it’s The Next Big Word. Well, I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong. I, ladies and gentlemen, am indeed

RIP MSN Messenger: Here are 12 things that made you so great

It’s official. MSN Messenger (or Windows Live Messenger as it is now known) will cease to exist on March 15, 2013. Obviously I can’t say I’ll miss it because I haven’t logged on to it since about 2007, but still – before Facebook allowed you to do all the cyber-socialising

Ice’n’easy: Five warm memories of cold snow days

The annual January onslaught of snow has caused its annual onslaught of chaos – schools closing, roads freezing and rail networks struggling to keep to timetable. GRR, SNOW. But whilst it’s all sometimes just a massive (if pretty) pain in the arse, other times it makes for *strike up the

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