Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech is basically the best thing that’s ever happened. Ever.

This bought me out in floods of tears so I had to share it – an amazing speech from Jodie Foster in which she accepts her Cecil B DeMille Award at last night’s Golden Globes. So articulate, so classy, so warm – she acknowledges her homosexuality in public for the first

Old blog, new start, etc

JAMBO!* This is a blog I set up in 2010 for my “personal” stuff (as in ramblings that aren’t applicable to sites like AMAZEPOP, not dirty images), but it eventually got forgotten; left to gather dust in a dark corner of WordPress while I waltzed off to have an intense

Top 10 life things of 2012

I was gonna do one of those self-indulgent Facebook statusses and/or tweets about how good 2012 was, but then thought ‘why stop there? Why not do a self-indulgent MASSIVE BLOG instead?’ Exactly. Here are my Top 10 ‘bits’ of 2012. 10. Chergate It’s a highlight in the loosest possible sense

Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Good shows etc

In addition to the excitement of writing and appearing in a play at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, there was also of course the chance to watch a load of shows and take advantage of the world’s biggest arts festival. Two of my Top 3 productions from 2011 – A Clockwork

“Grown-ups are just children with layers on.”

My short play ‘With Layers On’ was performed last night as part of Minotaur Theatre Company’s Shorts festival. It’s been very surreal watching people act words that I’d written, weird as that sounds, and I’m sooo grateful to director Ali Wilson and cast members Tom Moran, Xanthe Patterson and Alice

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