Oscars 2019: I watched all eight Best Picture nominees and I have THOUGHTS

Well friends, I have seen all eight of the Best Picture nominees ahead of the Oscars tonight and it was far more of a chore than I expected! Are the Academy on drugs this year or what?! Here’s how I ranked them ahead of tonight’s ceremony. 8. Vice What a

Top 25 films of 2018

So seeing as I’ve got loads of old-as-heck films here that didn’t officially come out in the UK until this year, I’m gonna leave out – for now! – Can You Ever Forgive Me, as it’s not out widely in the UK until February 1. I did make an exception

Top 15 plays of 2018

TRULY I was blessed to see so many amazing theatrical treats in 2018. And  out of everything I saw on stage this year, I only actively disliked one (1) thing! Well done, The Theatre! I saw lots of great stuff and could easily have bloated this list up to a

Top 20 TV shows of 2018

Time is money, yaknow, and sticking with a long TV series up until the end credits of the final episode should come with some sort of reward. I have so many programmes I started in 2k18 and have yet to finish, so hats-off to this lot for keeping me invested

Top 25 albums of 2018

I spent a lot of this year thinking the album output was quite crap, but actually 2018 came good in the end, didn’t it? Comparing it to last year, anyway. For reference, here are the albums I’ve put at the top of these year-end slogs in the past: 2010: Lights

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