Top 25 albums of 2018

I spent a lot of this year thinking the album output was quite crap, but actually 2018 came good in the end, didn’t it? Comparing it to last year, anyway. For reference, here are the albums I’ve put at the top of these year-end slogs in the past: 2010: Lights

Top 50 singles of 2018

This is my tenth – TENTH!!! – year-end singles blog (eleventh if you include 2008, but that was more of a straightforward list on a Facebook note(!)). And goddammit I will continue until the bitter end!! Loads of the blogs aren’t online anymore because they were on websites I forgot

On BBC World News talking viewer interactivity in TV

I had a little chat on BBC News yesterday about rumours that Black Mirror could introduce viewer interactivity to one of its upcoming episodes. I absolutely did not have an ulterior motive of starting my route to being on Strictly Come Dancing in 2020. No way.

Top 15 TV shows of 2017

Right it’s nearly the end of LISTMAS for another year, but I wanna put in a quick shout-out to my favourite TV shows of 2017 before we limp over the finish line into another sodding January. Unlike last year, I’ve kept it purely to scripted shows – mainly because I

The 39 new movies I saw in 2017, ranked

Last year I made sure I saw a hell of a lot of theatre, and while I dropped the ball a tad on that front in 2017, I did make up for it in movies. My goal is to be that smug bastard in Oscars season who has ALL THE

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