A couple harmlessly bicker ahead of a dreaded family party, but there’s something much bigger to discuss: a previously unannounced pregnancy. Are they ready? Director: Ant Cule Cast: Francesca Meaby and Sam Saunders

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Bad Reception

Short farce set in the foyer of a struggling law firm, where the formerly married partners are at war and the receptionist is caught in the crossfire. Performed as part of Briefs at Waterloo East Theatre on April 6, 2016. Director: Georgia Robson Cast: Sophie Mackenzie, Shaun Kitchener, Suzy Gill, Jonathan Cobb and Joe Jones

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Past Tense

A woman has an important question to ask her drunk best friend, who’s on the verge of getting married. Performed at Briefs at London’s Waterloo East Theatre on January 27, 2016. Director: Alex Di Cuffa Cast: Sophie Mackenzie and Georgia Robson

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The team behind an ailing specialist magazine hod a crisis meeting to figure out how to boost their dwindling readership, resorting to desperate measures. Performed at Briefs at London’s Waterloo East Theatre on June 2, 2015. Cast: Shaun Kitchener, Natalie Lester, Jamie-Rose Monk

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The Third Nine

A woman tells the story of being woken up in the middle of the night by what she fears is an intruder. Performed at Briefs at London’s Waterloo East Theatre on April 29, 2015. Director: Gwen Hanauer Cast: Roseanna Morris

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The Note

A young woman plucks up the courage to come out as gay to her mother – but her mother’s reaction puts them both in unexpected territory. Performed at Briefs at London’s Waterloo East Theatre on January 7, 2015. Director: James Callas Ball Cast: Sophie Mackenzie, Haley Wareham, Ann Theato

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Twelve New Messages

A string of voicemails from a guy who is literally experiencing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and all its completely ludicrous presents. Performed at London’s Hen And Chickens Theatre as part of Velvet Trumpet’s Soggy Christmas on December 12, 2014; and at the Bread And Roses Theatre as part of West Avenue’s Christmas Monologues on…

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Milkshake is a monologue set in a fast food restaurant; delivered by a guy anxiously waiting to break up with his girlfriend. To be fair, his reasons are pretty solid. Performed as part of Briefs at Waterloo East Theatre on October 28, 2014. Performed by: Shaun Kitchener

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A pair of old friends meet for coffee to discuss an upcoming project, but it doesn’t go as planned when the project turns out to be something quite unexpected. Performed as part of The Me Plays’ writer-response night at London’s Old Red Lion Theatre on September 15, 2014. Director: Elliot Brown Cast: Cole Michaels and Sarah Milton

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Going Down

When Erin bumps into her ex-fiance Danny and his latest squeeze Annie in a lift, safe to say it’s pretty uncomfortable. When the lift breaks down, it’s unbearable… not least for the lift’s fourth passenger, Esther, who has absolutely no idea what’s going on. Going Down was performed at the Hen And Chickens Theatre as…

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An elderly woman dies and is greeted in ‘the next bit’ by her husband of 50 years, and her first true love – who passed away when they were in their twenties. So the question is which one is she supposed to carry on with? Afterwards played at the Rosemary Branch Theatre as part of…

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Engagement Pie

Engagement Pie is a 20-minute farce set at the engagement party of a politician and his soon-to-be-bride. Only problem is, a confrontation with his future spouse and current mistress has led to his death – and now the race is on to cover up the body. The short played at the Rosemary Branch Theatre as…

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Everything goes wrong for a couple who host a terrible weekly online sex show when ‘the set’ (their flat) is broken-into a burglar… who’s quickly mistaken for a special guest. Buffering, a 20-minute farce, was shown at West Avenue’s Briefs night on July 31, 2013 at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London. Director: Shaun Kitchener Cast:…

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With Layers On

A man approaching 30 finds himself questioning the direction of his life when his girlfriend reveals she’s pregnant within days of him bumping in to his school sweetheart. The time has come for him to grow up – but is he ready? With Layers On debuted as part of Minotaur Theatre Company’s Shorts Festival at…

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