Going Down

When Erin bumps into her ex-fiance Danny and his latest squeeze Annie in a lift, safe to say it’s pretty uncomfortable. When the lift breaks down, it’s unbearable… not least for the lift’s fourth passenger, Esther, who has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Going Down was performed at the Hen And Chickens Theatre as part of Velvet Trumpet’s Soggy Brass in March 2014; then the following month at the Rosemary Branch Theatre as part of West Avenue’s Briefs. With a new cast, it was re-produced at the Bread And Roses Theatre for their venue launch night in November of the same year.

Director: James Callas Ball [Hen & Chickens, Rosemary Branch], Victorine Pontillon [Bread & Roses]
Cast: Shaun Kitchener, Jenny Wilford, Charlotte Couture, Sheila Atim [Hen & Chickens, Rosemary Branch]; Tom Wharnsby, Emma Hixson, Alice Etches, Natasha Santos [Bread & Roses]

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