“I know it’s gonna be tough. But I didn’t do this on a whim, alright? I was out of options. It was either this or I go to prison for a long, long time.”

Caravan is a one-act drama about Leanne, a young woman who faked her own death and escaped to live in a caravan in the woods under a new identity, a long way from home. Several months after making the escape, however, she’s already hit a rough spot – and has called on her bereaved sister Helen for help. But what drove her to such extreme circumstances in the first place?

The play premiered at the White Bear Theatre, London for five performances from January 27-31, 2015, as part of a double bill with Roberta Morris’s Pin.

Director: Sheila Atim
Cast: Natalie Lester, Roberta Morris, Sophie Mackenzie, Ryan J Brown, Paul Heelis, Jamie-Rose Monk

“…an excellent hour of theatre. Shaun Kitchener has a fantastic way of capturing natural speech and the pacing is spot on.” ★★★★ So So Gay

“[Kitchener] shows a knack for creating some very believable and human reactions in difficult scenarios” – Views From The Gods

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