One Night Stand

“It’s OK, Brian. I know what you meant. You might not know yet, but I do. And I’m willing to wait until you catch up with me.”

One Night Stand is a farcical one-act comedy about a pair of colleagues who wake up together after an office party: Alice, who’s now excited to launch a full-on relationship; and Brian, who has absolutely no recollection of how they got there. All he knows is that, for various reasons, he needs her out of his flat as soon as humanly possible…

The play ran at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for six performances in August 2012.

Director: Sophie Mackenzie
Cast: Shaun Kitchener, Natalie Lester, Rosa French, Rob Ellis, Jonathan Cobb, Jess Boyes

“A brilliantly quick-witted comedy. The twists and turns of the plot wind up in a cleverly organised resolution, with plenty of punch-lines along the way” – Broadway Baby
“A good, very light-hearted play” – EdFringe Review

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