Shaun Kitchener’s Six Pack

Six Pack is a collection of six comedy shorts, performed at the Leicester Square Theatre’s Lounge for three sell-out performances from February 9-11, 2017:

  • That’s Great, about a man who has to desperately save face when he discovers his flatmate and the object of his affection are dating.
  • The Third Nine, a monologue in which a woman recalls a suspected late-night burglary in her home.
  • Pithivier, an elaborate farce that starts with a politician being shot dead at his engagement party.
  • Afterwards, about a woman who comes face-to-face with both of her late husbands at the same time when she passes to the afterlife.
  • Circulation, in which the staff of an ailing dressage magazine hold crisis talks on how to turn their sales around.
  • Bad Reception, a farce set in the foyer of a law firm, where the (married) owners are at war.

Director: Rob Ellis
Cast: Shaun Kitchener, Jamie-Rose Monk, Marc Gee-Finch, Christopher Cohen, Roberta Morris and Natalie Lester

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