All That

“We’re human beings with natural urges! Why should we be so bothered about fitting a mould set out by a society that barely gives two s**ts about us anyway?”

All That is a play about monogamy in gay relationships – and the way people within the community perceive one-another.

In a bid to improve their current financial crisis, Taylor and Riley decide to rent out their spare room – and it’s Jamie and Parker, another young-ish gay couple, who are chosen to move in. But it soon becomes clear that the two duos have very different relationships, and it’s only a matter of time before wires cross, tensions escalate and things get very messy in more ways than one…

The play debuted at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre from June 6-10, 2017; and was then re-drafted and re-produced at the King’s Head Theatre for their Queer Season from August 21-25, 2018.


Director: Jamie-Rose Monk [Lion and Unicorn, 2017], James Callas Ball [King’s Head Theatre, 2018]
Cast: Shaun Kitchener [both productions], Christopher Cohen [both productions], Elliot Hadley [King’s Head Theatre, 2018], Prince Plockey [King’s Head Theatre, 2018] Tom Bovington [Lion and Unicorn, 2017], James Robert-Moore [Lion and Unicorn, 2017], Roberta Morris [Lion and Unicorn, 2017].

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