Shaun Kitchener’s Six Pack

Six Pack is a collection of six comedy shorts, performed at the Leicester Square Theatre’s Lounge for three sell-out performances from February 9-11, 2017: That’s Great, about a man who has to desperately save face when he discovers his flatmate and the object of his affection are dating. The Third Nine, a monologue in which … Continue reading Shaun Kitchener’s Six Pack

Christmas Farce

Christmas Farce is a two-act comedy set backstage at a regional theatre during the opening night of a modern retelling of the Nativity. As egos clash and various tensions come to a head, the company have to pull together to stop the production on-stage becoming a nationwide laughing stock and leaving all of their careers … Continue reading Christmas Farce

One Night Stand

“It’s OK, Brian. I know what you meant. You might not know yet, but I do. And I’m willing to wait until you catch up with me.” One Night Stand is a farcical one-act comedy about a pair of colleagues who wake up together after an office party: Alice, who’s now excited to launch a … Continue reading One Night Stand