Hollyoaks: Ep 5007

Broadcast Monday 1 October (E4), Tuesday 2 October (Channel 4), 2018 Hunter struggles to contain his anxiety with Mac trying to push him towards self-medicating, while Romeo goes to drastic measures to find out more about estranged dad James. Elsewhere, Liberty tries to buddy up to reluctant half-sister Sienna after her clash with Brody, while … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5007

Hollyoaks: Ep 4979

Broadcast Wednesday 22 August (E4), Thursday 23 August (Channel 4), 2018 The fallout from Courtney’s arrest sees her stand to lose Jesse, but things go from bad to worse when baby Iona is taken by social services – and put into the care of a returning Granny Campbell. Elsewhere, Glenn almost rumbles Maxine, Grace and … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4979

Hollyoaks: Ep 4943

Broadcast Tuesday 3 July (E4), Wednesday 4 July (Channel 4), 2018 Sami struggles with his conscience when Ellie collapses – seemingly as a result of James’s attack on him the day before. Glenn considers telling Grace his health secret but lashes out in the worst way when she rejects his efforts to be kind. Farrah … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4943

Hollyoaks: Ep 4917

Broadcast Monday 28 May (E4), Tuesday 29 May (Channel 4), 2018 Sami and Kyle finally initiate their plan to frame James for Kyle’s ‘murder’ – hoping to have him sent to prison while Kyle slips away for a new life abroad. But their scheme begins to fall apart when Kyle suffers a health crisis at … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4917

Hollyoaks: Ep 4880

Broadcast Thursday 5 April (E4), Friday 6 April (Ch4), 2018. With Tegan now awake from her coma – and armed with all of Ryan’s killer secrets – he plots to persuade Ste to move with him to Brazil, before she reveals all. Elsewhere, Kyle is conflicted as he continues to try to paint James as … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4880

Hollyoaks: Ep 4787

Broadcast Monday 27 November (E4), Tuesday 28 November (Ch4), 2017. The build-up to the attack on Mac Nightingale and the mystery of his attacker continues, as he is finally arrested for the explosion that took the life of partner Neeta. But will Ellie and Alfie finally see their dad for who is, or continue to … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4787

Hollyoaks: Ep 4746

Broadcast Friday 29 September (E4), Monday 2 October (Ch4), 2017. After months of mystery, Milo’s true identity is finally revealed – as viewers discover he was the truck driver in the crash that killed the Cunningham parents back in 2004. Elsewhere, Darcy’s efforts to cover her tracks after Tracey’s death grow more frantic as she … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4746