All That

“We’re human beings with natural urges! Why should we be so bothered about fitting a mould set out by a society that barely gives two s**ts about us anyway?” All That is a play about monogamy in gay relationships – and the way people within the community perceive one-another. In a bid to improve their … Continue reading All That

5, 6, 7, 8: A Steps Musical

5, 6, 7, 8 is a 70-minute comedy about a group of work mates making a very special pact – and it uses the songs of Steps. Noticing that their love lives are all cack, Caz, Robbie, Jess and Nicky give themselves one week to get themselves out of their respective predicaments – whether that … Continue reading 5, 6, 7, 8: A Steps Musical

Shaun Kitchener’s Six Pack

Six Pack is a collection of six comedy shorts, performed at the Leicester Square Theatre’s Lounge for three sell-out performances from February 9-11, 2017: That’s Great, about a man who has to desperately save face when he discovers his flatmate and the object of his affection are dating. The Third Nine, a monologue in which … Continue reading Shaun Kitchener’s Six Pack

Christmas Farce

Christmas Farce is a two-act comedy set backstage at a regional theatre during the opening night of a modern retelling of the Nativity. As egos clash and various tensions come to a head, the company have to pull together to stop the production on-stage becoming a nationwide laughing stock and leaving all of their careers … Continue reading Christmas Farce


“It’s not in saliva, mum, it’s not the fucking Norovirus.” Positive tells the story of Benji, a twentysomething Londoner living with HIV. This isn’t a story about doom, gloom and death, though – it’s about Benji’s struggles with stigma, and the anxiety that comes with it. One year after his diagnosis, he’s become something of … Continue reading Positive


“I know it’s gonna be tough. But I didn’t do this on a whim, alright? I was out of options. It was either this or I go to prison for a long, long time.” Caravan is a one-act drama about Leanne, a young woman who faked her own death and escaped to live in a … Continue reading Caravan

It Never Rains

“Being funny was always your thing, wasn’t it. God forbid I should ever try and crack a joke.” It Never Rains is a one-act two-hander about a former couple thrown back together by a huge storm. A year after their split, Aimee visits Conor before he flies abroad with some of his stuff that she … Continue reading It Never Rains

One Night Stand

“It’s OK, Brian. I know what you meant. You might not know yet, but I do. And I’m willing to wait until you catch up with me.” One Night Stand is a farcical one-act comedy about a pair of colleagues who wake up together after an office party: Alice, who’s now excited to launch a … Continue reading One Night Stand