Hollyoaks: Ep 5341

Broadcast Friday 10 (E4) and Monday 13 (Channel 4) January, 2020. Sienna’s worried sick when Brody goes missing, and soon discovers he’s been kidnapped by Warren – whom she last saw when he took their kids out of the country and away from her. Plus, Scott and Azim grow closer as they plan Jesse and … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5341

Hollyoaks: Ep 5311

Broadcast Friday 29 November (E4), Monday 2 December (Channel 4), 2019 Sid overhears Liberty trying to talk Sienna out of fostering him, and makes a big decision. Later, Liberty has an unexpected idea for how she and Brody can protect Sienna from news that her last embryo isn’t viable. Elsewhere, Grace – desperate to get … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5311

Hollyoaks: Ep 5274

Broadcast Wednesday 9 October (E4), Thursday 10 October (Channel 4), 2019 A charity dance-off is held in the village, at which Mitchell ends up dancing with Scott – leading to their most intimate moment yet. Meanwhile, Ollie reels from Brooke’s revelation that she wants their baby adopted, and Maxine loses her job at Price Slice … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5274

Hollyoaks: Ep 5262

Broadcast Monday 23 September (E4), Tuesday 24 September (Channel 4), 2019 The net’s closing in on Maxine as James nears the truth about her Munchausen’s Syndrome, the day before Damon’s court hearing. Elsewhere, Sienna, Liberty and Brody take their first pregnancy test after the implantation attempt, Scott and Mitchell reconnect, and Imran tries to help … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5262

Hollyoaks: Ep 5242

Broadcast Monday 26 August (E4), Tuesday 27 August (Channel 4), 2019 Today’s the day Mercedes and Liam are due to leave the village – but can Grace stop them? Meanwhile, Tony’s search for Harry unnerves Breda into making a vital slip-up, Diane worries over Finn, Brooke vows to come clean about her pregnancy, and Darren … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5242

Hollyoaks: Ep 5200

Broadcast Thursday 27 June (E4), Friday 28 June (Channel 4), 2019 Liberty tries to get Sami’s mind back on their wedding plans, but soon has to face up to his growing bond with Sinead. Meanwhile, Liam – despite an ultimatum from Lisa – tries to engineer things so Sylver catches Mercedes getting drugs, and Scott … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5200

Hollyoaks: Ep 5127

Broadcast Monday 18 March (E4), Tuesday 19 March (Channel 4), 2019 As Mac’s courtroom showdown with James and Cindy looms, James struggles to get his case prepared – while Mac ups the pressure on Breda to bump him off. Elsewhere, Damon reacts to the (apparent) news that Maxine is pregnant, and Prince and Romeo clash … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5127

Hollyoaks: Ep 5068

Broadcast Friday 21 December (E4), Thursday 27 December (Channel 4), 2018 Mercedes learns that she and Sylver can be together after all – which makes the fact she slept with Liam last night all the more awkward. Can she convince him to keep quiet? Elsewhere, Breda plots an escape from the village after hearing that … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5068

Hollyoaks: Ep 5007

Broadcast Monday 1 October (E4), Tuesday 2 October (Channel 4), 2018 Hunter struggles to contain his anxiety with Mac trying to push him towards self-medicating, while Romeo goes to drastic measures to find out more about estranged dad James. Elsewhere, Liberty tries to buddy up to reluctant half-sister Sienna after her clash with Brody, while … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 5007

Hollyoaks: Ep 4979

Broadcast Wednesday 22 August (E4), Thursday 23 August (Channel 4), 2018 The fallout from Courtney’s arrest sees her stand to lose Jesse, but things go from bad to worse when baby Iona is taken by social services – and put into the care of a returning Granny Campbell. Elsewhere, Glenn almost rumbles Maxine, Grace and … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4979