Hollyoaks: Ep 4787

Broadcast Monday 27 November (E4), Tuesday 28 November (Ch4), 2017. The build-up to the attack on Mac Nightingale and the mystery of his attacker continues, as he is finally arrested for the explosion that took the life of partner Neeta. But will Ellie and Alfie finally see their dad for who is, or continue to … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4787

Hollyoaks: Ep 4746

Broadcast Friday 29 September (E4), Monday 2 October (Ch4), 2017. After months of mystery, Milo’s true identity is finally revealed – as viewers discover he was the truck driver in the crash that killed the Cunningham parents back in 2004. Elsewhere, Darcy’s efforts to cover her tracks after Tracey’s death grow more frantic as she … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4746

Hollyoaks: Ep 4684

Broadcast Wednesday 5 July (E4), Thursday 6 July (Ch4), 2017. Grace, convinced Warren’s diary reveals where he buried Bart McQueen, goes on a mission to find the body – but might just be being set up. Darcy finds out Adam is set to be Minnie’s adoptive father, and attempts to cause trouble by telling Sienna … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4684

Hollyoaks: Ep 4628

Broadcast Tuesday 18 April (E4), Wednesday 19 April (Ch4). Marnie and James up their plan to gain control over Mac; blackmailing a GP into giving him a false diagnosis. Nick discovers Alfie is behind the troll website set up against him, and is further rattled when he realises Holly already knew. The pair row – … Continue reading Hollyoaks: Ep 4628