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Massive catch-up: Briefs, new groups, upcoming projects etc

WELL it’s been a casual five months since Positive ended and I gushed about it on here in the style of an over-elaborate Oscars speech that really needed an orchestra to cut it off. Or a BRITs victory in need of a James Corden. Two days ago (October 28) ‘my’

Going Down performed at Briefs

My latest short Going Down was performed at Briefs last night – the quarterly new writing night I organiseĀ at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in London’s N1. The play was also performed as part of Velvet Trumpet’s Soggy Brass event on Saturday, March 29 at the Hen & Chickens, and I’m

New short Going Down for two London events

My latest short play Going Down is being performed at two new writing nights over the next couple of weeks – and I’m also acting in it LOLZ. The piece will be performed firstly on Saturday, March 28 as part of Velvet Trumpet’s Soggy Brass night of new comedy writing

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