New short play Afterwards performed at latest Briefs

b531f5247ea511e3814a126964918fbd_7My latest short play Afterwards was performed on Wednesday, January 15, at the Rosemary Branch in London’s N1.

Francesca Meaby, Paul Heelis and Thomas Wingfield played a woman and her two late husbands, reunited in the afterlife after her death. Anoushka Bonwick directed.

I was fascinated by the idea of what allegedly happens after death if someone is widowed and then remarries. Who do they get to see in ‘the next bit’? I looked in the Bible for the answer and shoehorned it in, but the 20-minute piece was really just a slightly awkward comedy-ish about the predicament rather than a search for answers.

The play was performed as part of Briefs, a regular night of short plays I put on every three months or so with my theatre company, West Avenue. Pics from the other six plays can be seen over on the company’s Instagram feed.

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