Positive at Park Theatre: press round-up

Positive is now entering its second week of shows at the Park Theatre, where it’ll run until August 1. It’s massive, massive fun so far – I’m writing on the morning after our latest sold-out performance, and the response on social media has been completely overwhelming.

Our Press Night was hampered somewhat by the Tube strike, but a couple of bits have still trickled in (sound the #humblebrag alarm):

THE TIMES: “Kitchener can write a brilliant comic sketch and scatters them generously. Clearly, he’s a playwright to watch.”

THE STAGE: “With his water-tight script, Kitchener has crafted something akin to an exceptional sitcom, conducting the audience to gasp, laugh, groan and cheer in all the right places.” ★★★★

ATTITUDE: “Shaun Kitchener’s Positive is one of the most compelling productions I’ve seen in a long time. Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, it’s a profound and important piece of theatre with not one weak performance amongst the cast.” ★★★★★

BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE: “It is the first time I have seen Kitchener or his writing; I hope we shall see much more of them both.”

LONDONTHEATRE1: “An amazing play in every respect.”

SO SO GAY: “Kitchener… plays his part with searingly honest conviction, and his first date with Benji is a stirling scene that most actors would dream of being able to perform in… Truthful, warm and instantly watchable, this little gem at the studio in the Park Theatre deserves the longest and happiest of lives.”

QX: “The concept of a fun play about being HIV positive is unorthodox, but that’s the point. And it’s executed flawlessly by way of a brilliant script and an effortlessly charming cast. Positive doesn’t just break down stigma, it brushes them aside like dry leaves.”

BOYZ: “I hoped for a happy ending and I got one. This is a piece of brilliant theatre and comes highly recommended.”

LGBTQ ARTS & CULTURE REVIEW: “The stand-out performance for me was from Shaun Kitchener himself in the role of Matt… He has an apparently effortless light touch and perfect comic timing, a real joy to watch.”

There’s also been some great press in Metro


… and The Guardian:


Positive plays to August 1. Book here.

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