So I guess I have a podcast now…?

How is everyone doing in lockdown? Ropey at best? Same!!

Anyway, I’ve channelled my excess energy into a new radio station SLASH podcast on my “ents” blog, Electric Angels. Breakfast Bops airs Monday-Thursday mornings 9-11am and is all about phenomenal pop music that loads of us have been loving for the last 2 or 3 decades. We’re six weeks in now and hundreds of people are tuning in every single day, which is amazing. You can listen on the website, on the free Radio FM or Simple Radio apps, and even on Alexa! More here.

I’ve also now got a SPIN-OFF PODCAST for it! I’ve been extremely lucky to have Amy Studt and Jade Ewen as guests on the show, and their interviews were so fascinating I’ve made them available to listen to on-demand.

You can hear Behind The Bops on Spotify here, on Apple Podcasts here, or on the Podbean web players here (they won’t embed on this WordPress layout, which is extremely annoying).

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