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So I guess I have a podcast now…?

How is everyone doing in lockdown? Ropey at best? Same!! Anyway, I’ve channelled my excess energy into a new radio station SLASH podcast on my “ents” blog, Electric Angels. Breakfast Bops airs Monday-Thursday mornings 9-11am and is all about phenomenal pop music that loads of us have been loving for

This new Hollyoaks is a special one

Forgive the EARNESTNESS but my latest episode of Hollyoaks is my favourite yet – and across my whole ~career so far, it’s easily one of the things I’m most proud to be involved in. I’m very grateful to have been asked to pen the episode in which closeted gay character

I’ve written for Hollyoaks, pinch me

I’m very excited to have been working with Hollyoaks. It’s been pretty much exactly a year since my amazing agent first floated the possibility of maybe doing some bits with them, and now – after a rigorous trial process, a commission, several drafts and a lot of waiting – the

BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum: TV Comedy

I’m superly-duperly chuffed to be one of the three winners of this year’s BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing competition for TV Comedy. This means a 10-minute excerpt of a screenplay of mine will be read at an industry event at BAFTA HQ later this month. Some writers I really look up

LISTEN: Competing on this week’s Theatre Feuds podcast

I had a blast earlier this week ‘competing’ on Relish Theatre’s Theatre Feuds podcast alongside the brilliant Kandy Rohmann and Natalie Lester. We’re basically asked an array of open questions and have to debate why our individual answer is the best one. I babbled on about everything from Shakespeare to

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