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On BBC World News talking viewer interactivity in TV

I had a little chat on BBC News yesterday about rumours that Black Mirror could introduce viewer interactivity to one of its upcoming episodes. I absolutely did not have an ulterior motive of starting my route to being on Strictly Come Dancing in 2020. No way.

New play All That debuting this June

My new play All That is being wheeled out for five performances this June. Semi-coincidentally sharing its name with a lovely Carly Rae Jepsen slowjam, the piece is a comic drama about varying attitudes towards monogamy within the gay community – but not as dry as that probably sounds. It

New play Caravan for five-show showcase run

HELLO. Just a quick one to say that my new one-act play Caravan is on for five shows only at the White Bear Theatre from January 27-31 2015. It’s about a girl who has faked her own death and started a new life under a new identity a long way


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