Offie noms and great reviews as All That headlines Kings Head Theatre Queer Season

This is an extremely late update to the website (guess I was too busy with, y’know, getting married); but I want to shout-out the amazing cast and crew behind the 2021 production of my play All That at the King’s Head Theatre, which headlined their Queer Season. Sadly, due to

BFI Network x BAFTA Crew, Screenshot and Faber Academy

Some #UPDATES! Firstly, I was really chuffed to make it to the commendation list and then the longlist of the Screenshot competition, organised by Sister Pictures and South Of The River. I’m told I made it to the final 5% of entrants, which is really cool – and I’m excited

So I guess I have a podcast now…?

How is everyone doing in lockdown? Ropey at best? Same!! Anyway, I’ve channelled my excess energy into a new radio station SLASH podcast on my “ents” blog, Electric Angels. Breakfast Bops airs Monday-Thursday mornings 9-11am and is all about phenomenal pop music that loads of us have been loving for

This new Hollyoaks is a special one

Forgive the EARNESTNESS but my latest episode of Hollyoaks is my favourite yet – and across my whole ~career so far, it’s easily one of the things I’m most proud to be involved in. I’m very grateful to have been asked to pen the episode in which closeted gay character

LGBTQ ‘sex ed’ in schools? Almost everyone’s missed the point

Let’s say you’ve got a 6-year-old kid. And one of that kid’s aunts – your sister, or the other parent’s sister – is gay. They have a long-term same-sex partner. What do you tell your kid? Are you upfront with the fact that the two women are a couple? Or

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